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Omni-channel or multi-channel?

What does qualify company to say they have omni-channel customer experience? It seems it is not that easy to answer this question if you try to avoid shiny power point worthy words and really examine what companies do nowadays.

At Nuance Customer eXperience Summit it became obvious that very small amount of companies offer truly omni-channel experience or have a clear understanding of what it even means. Continue reading

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What are the recent trends and challenges in AI and ML?

Last week I was a lucky participant of two conferences: Computing AI and Machine Learning Live and Future of Utilities – Smart energy 2018 .

The first conference had a bigger range of industries covering the whole spectrum of companies from broadcasting to banking. The main focus was on ML and AI and how they can be used in various businesses. Continue reading

AIST conference

AIST conference (Analysis of images, social networks and texts) was held in Yekaterinburg, on 10-12th April.  This conference gives opportunity to specialists from various fields to meet each other and get inspiration for new collaboration and experiments.

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Review of Harvard Course “Data science”

Another review published at NLPPeople.

I have recently explored a course offered by Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science – CS109 Data Science. It provides insightful examples of how Machine Learning (ML) and statistical analysis can be used in real life.

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Review of “Learning From Data”

My review published at NLPPeople.

As MOOCs are becoming a new trend in education, an increasing number of courses are appearing online: some are adequate, some are good but only a few of them can be classified as outstanding. I think I was lucky to take one of those outstanding ones. It was a course focused on Machine Learning (ML) offered by edX platform – Learning From Data. Continue reading