About me

PhD, specialist in NLP and ML

I am an enthusiast in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine learning and data science. I am greatly interested in exploring new technologies and sharing this knowledge with all interested parties.

My interests lie in the areas of:

  • machine translation,
  • ontologies,
  • question answering,
  • dialogue systems,
  • information extraction (coreference resolution and relation extraction),
  • machine learning,
  • recommendation systems.

I am also passionate about project management and inspiring people to work together and solve challenging problems!

My PhD thesis entitled “Knowledge acquisition from user reviews for Interactive Question”, explored the ways Information Extraction and  NLP can be used to collect knowledge for Interactive Question Answering.

Some more details about my research career and activities can be found at my University website.

You can also check my LinkedIn page to find out more about my career, read through my recommendations and projects.