AIST conference

AIST conference (Analysis of images, social networks and texts) was held in Yekaterinburg, on 10-12th April.  This conference gives opportunity to specialists from various fields to meet each other and get inspiration for new collaboration and experiments.


Credit for the photo goes to Alexander Panchenko

It is the third time this conference is held, however, it is the first time the organisers decided to switch to English language so that all the proceedings will be available to the world research community (the best selected papers will be published in CCIS series by Springer).

The conference featured not only paper and poster presentations but also several tutorials, invited talks and an industry session.

During the industry section we managed to find out more about automatic trading systems and the results of their possible failures (by Iosif Itkin), Open data and data journalism (by Irina Radchenko), Social Network Analysis (by Alexander Semenov), WikiVote! project (by Yury Kupriyanov) and perspectives of big data (by Leonid I. Levkovitch-Maslyuk). This kind of sessions are very valuable as they allow researchers to better identify how they can collaborate with industry and what industry may need.

The organisers of the conference are planning to introduce novelties next year, but  I believe they will be revealed later in the call for papers :)

My two presentations (invited talk and a tutorial) can be found at SlideShare:


Credit for the photo goes to Dmitrii Ignatov